Police blotter: “You’ll see it in the Kitsap Sun”

During five visits to City Hall in one day, an elderly man – who was apparently frustrated about a development project he was working on – made unsettling comments about his guns and whether or not City Hall had police protection. When city staff asked him what he was talking about, the man replied: “You’ll see it in the Kitsap Sun.”

I’ve been scanning the headlines, but have yet to see our coverage of the angry man’s exploits. Stay tuned.

Also this week, Bainbridge police make good with a new “zero tolerance” policy on that hallowed Bainbridge tradition – Paint Night. The BIPD busted a crew of nighttime painters who were planning to decorate the high school water tower.

Apr. 25
Paint bust: Bainbridge police foiled an effort by Bainbridge youths to paint the water tower on Bainbridge High School property shortly after 11 p.m. A witness reported seeing people with flashlights and ladders near the tower. One youth, who was caught running from the scene, admitted that others in his group intended to paint the tower. The youth was cited for criminal trespass.

Apr. 23
Crash: A Bainbridge youth was injured on North Town Loop when the front wheel of his bicycle dislodged, causing him to flip over the handlebars and collide with the roadway. The cyclist, who was not wearing a helmet, suffered face, arm and leg injuries. He was transported to a hospital and his mother was notified.

Assault: A homeless Bainbridge man reported face and chest injuries sustained during an assault on the previous night. The man said he’d drank a bottle of liquor with a man who became enraged, tackled him and punched his face several times. The victim reported a broken nose and trouble breathing, but police and a medic unit could find no evidence of injuries. The suspect denied assaulting the suspect. Police could find no evidence that the suspect had attacked the victim.

Theft: A purse was stolen from an unlocked car outside the owner’s Beck Road house sometime during the night.

Deflated: A Bainbridge woman found that her car’s tires were deflated sometime during the night near her High School Road home. She suspects a neighbor, who sometimes yells obscenities at her and spits on her car, may be to blame.

Burglary: A Mill Heights Circle home was burglarized sometime during the previous evening. A purse containing $50 cash and credit cards was the only item reported missing. A boot print was found inside the house. Entry was likely gained through an unlocked door.

Harassed: A 17-year-old Bainbridge male reported that his ex-girlfriend was harassing him by continually calling his cell phone. He told police that she had called 40 times in less than a half hour. When asked why she would do that, the victim said: “I don’t know. She’s just crazy.” The suspect agreed to stop calling the victim after police contacted her.

Apr. 22
Suspicious: An elderly man made City Hall staff feel unsafe by berating them and making implied threats during five visits in one day. According to city staff, the man had entered City Hall with blue prints in hand, requested a meeting with the finance department and expressed anger about not being able to see someone about “his business.” When told that the finance department ends business early on Wednesday, the man left but returned four more times. During one of his visits, the man asked whether City Hall has police protection. On another visit, he asserted that City Hall has no police protection and mentioned something about leaving his guns at home. When asked to clarify his statements, the man responded: “You will see it in the Kitsap Sun.”

Apr. 21
Crash: A Newport Beach, Calif. woman was transported to Harborview Hospital in Seattle with possible injuries after her car was struck and flipped on to its side at the intersection of Sunrise Drive and Torvanger Road just before noon. The Newport woman had failed to stop for a Silverdale man’s vehicle. She suffered no apparent injuries but was sent to the hospital as a precaution. Her vehicle suffered extensive damage.

Apr. 20
Spray-painted: A Gowen Place resident’s lawn, trees and lawn furniture were spray-painted while she and her family were away for Spring Break. “Most of the painting was just random, with the exception of the penis, which was spray painted on the lawn,” police reported. The family spent about 12 hours scrubbing much of the paint away.

Assault: A Seattle man was arrested for assaulting a Poulsbo woman at Waterfront Park shortly after 1 p.m. The victim reported that she and her aunt had been walking their dogs in the park when the suspect began yelling obscenities at them.
He appeared mentally ill, was “shabbily dressed” and had been muttering to himself, the victim said. The suspect struck the victim on the face with his fist, nearly knocking her to the ground. The assault caused a red mark on the victim’s face. The man then reportedly collapsed on the ground and continued to yell obscenities. Police found the suspect muttering to himself at a park picnic table. He blurted out “I know it was wrong. I shouldn’t have done it.” When asked why he had punched the woman, the man replied that he became upset after watching the victim allegedly insert plastic into her dog’s anus. “No one should do that,” he said. A witness corroborated the victim’s story. He said that the punch was so strong that he could hear the impact from several yards away.

Threatened: A Bainbridge woman contacted police after receiving threatening e-mails from a tenant. The tenant had been contacted about failing to pay rent. The woman began receiving e-mails from four other people representing the tenant or acting on his behalf. One e-mailer identified himself as a U.S. Navy SEAL. “I’ll take you out in pieces,” the SEAL wrote. “I’m coming for you.” All emails were sent from Yahoo accounts, including the tenant’s. Police visited the suspect’s house, where it appeared he was in the middle of a move and had not been home for a while. Police later found that the suspect had been recently arrested for drunk driving and had been sent to a hospital for a mental evaluation. The suspect’s attorney reported that he’d also received threatening e-mails. Police noticed a similar pattern of several e-mail addresses from different people. In one email, a person stated that the suspect had been killed by a log truck.

Theft: A projector and other electronic equipment were reported stolen from a school gym on North Madison Avenue. No signs of forced entry were found.

Apr. 17
Theft: About $70 in cash was stolen from the “snack shack” at Rotary Park on Weaver Road. No signs of forced entry were found. Shack users were unsure if the door had been locked. The cash was stored in a locked box, which was missing. Two dollars were found in a recycling bin near the shack.

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