Police blotter: Chocolaty spit leads to fist fight

Finding the chocolate-infused saliva launched at him by his brother “extremely disrespectful,” a Bainbridge man responded far less sweetly.

Also this week, a drunken Harley-riding Bainbridge woman fails to evade police and a Sportsman Club Road home is burglarized multiple times over the course of two days.

Apr. 18
Drunk driving: A 48-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving and cited for driving without a license on Crystal Springs Drive shortly after 1 p.m. An officer on patrol initially noticed the suspect driving her Harley Davidson motorcycle slowly behind him and then pull off into a driveway. The officer, recognizing the suspect as someone he suspected as having a suspended license, pulled to the side of the road and waited. A few minutes later, the suspect reappeared and drove in the opposite direction. Once pulled over, the suspect admitted she’d tried to avoid the officer. The officer, noting the smell of alcohol on the suspect’s breath, asked her how much she’d had to drink. She admitted she’d been drinking that morning. She also noted her home monitoring ankle bracelet related to an earlier arrest.

Apr. 17
Assault: A 45-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for punching a young Bainbridge male on High School Road just before 6 p.m. The victim told police that the suspect, whom he had never met or seen before, approached him near the Safeway store and struck his upper arm with his fist and then with his elbow. When police approached the suspect, who was still wandering near Safeway, they noticed he was “extremely intoxicated.” When asked by police what was going on, the suspect responded “Nothing, —wipe.” The suspect was immediately handcuffed. He refused to say why he assaulted the victim. The victim reported no injuries.

Apr. 14
Rape allegation: A Bainbridge woman reported that she’d been raped by Bremerton man but later declined to press charges. The victim’s boss called 911 shortly after 9:30 p.m. to report that the victim arrived at work late and intoxicated. When asked why she was drunk, the victim said she’d been raped earlier in the evening and had drank two bottles of wine afterwards. Upon arrival at the business, police found that the victim was “extremely intoxicated” and was slurring her words. The victim told police that an acquaintance had visited her home earlier that evening. She could not remember his name. At one point he announced “I’m going to rape you.” She told him “no way,” but he pinned her down with his shoulders and raped her, she said. She declined a medical examination but said he wanted the suspect removed from her home. Police woke the man inside the victim’s apartment. The suspect could not recall the victim’s name but said they’d had consensual oral sex but denied they’d had intercourse. The suspect admitted that they’d had a lot to drink. When it came time for the victim to go to work, the suspect advised her to call-in sick. Instead, they walked to her work. The suspect was given a key by the victim and was invited to “hang out” at her apartment. He was “quite upset” that she’d alleged he raped her and stressed that he “would never do such a thing,” police said. When asked why the victim would allege that he’d raped her, the suspect said that “it is as simple as that she doesn’t want to lose her job” after showing up drunk. The victim changed her story about the incident several times, eventually opting not to press charges. The suspect was released in Poulsbo at his request.

Apr. 13
Burglary: A Sportsman Club Road resident reported that his unlocked home, shed and vehicle had been burglarized on two or three separate occasions in the last three days. The victim reported that the first burglary likely happened when he was at work. He returned home to find all of its exterior doors open and his son’s paintball equipment, a video game console, several video games and DVDs missing. His shed door was also open and some of his tools had been dropped outside, but none of the shed’s contents appeared to be missing. A second burglary happened a day later while he was away from home. Upon his return, the victim noticed his shed open again and that some power tools and two ladder jacks were missing. His front door was open and a pair of paintball pants were gone. The victim also noticed a hydraulic floor jack was missing from his truck. Total losses were estimated at about $1,100. The victim said he suspects some of his son’s friends may have been involved in the burglaries. He vowed to pit his dogs against the burglars if they tried to steal from him again. Police advised the victim to not confront burglars unless they were a physical threat to him.

Assault: A 27-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for punching his brother at a High School Road residence just before 6:30 p.m. The victim told police that he had wanted to visit his father, but that the suspect barred the door. According to the suspect, the victim had spat at his face with saliva infused with chocolate candy, making the act “extremely disrespectful.” The suspect then punched the victim a few times on the face, causing red marks. The suspect told police he was protecting his father from the victim, who allegedly has a drug problem and steals. Police found chocolaty saliva splattered on the door. The suspect was handcuffed and transported to the county jail.

Harassed: A Bainbridge girl reported that she’d been harassed by another girl in and out of school for the past year. The victim played cell phone messages in which the suspect orders her to refrain from being a homosexual, to quit her homosexual “ways,” and to remove herself from the community. The messages contained no direct threats, according to police. The victim’s family plan to pursue an anti-harassment court order.

Theft: An undisclosed amount of cash was stolen from the Bainbridge senior center sometime over the weekend. The cash was obtained by prying open a locked drawer. No doors showed signs of forced entry. Center staff said three different groups met at the center over the weekend, including a card-playing club, a Coast Guard group and a youth group.

Theft: A Hilltop Drive resident reported that someone stole his daughter’s bicycle and 20 music CDs from his unlocked vehicle sometime during the night.