Police blotter: Drunken football fans settle for girls lacrosse

This week, two buddies in search of a “sporting event” to watch while drinking beer ended up taking in a Bainbridge High School girls lacrosse practice from the comforts of their parked vehicle. The lacrosse coach caught sight of the leering sports fans and called the cops. The “befuddled and embarrassed” pair told an officer that they’d hoped to catch a football game at the high school. The officer informed them that they were a few seasons too late, that they were trespassing and that they’d have to leave without their vehicle because they were too tipsy to drive.

Plenty more drunken exploits this week….I guess the flowers in bloom and springtime sun drives islanders to drink.

April 5
Littering: A Bainbridge man was cited for dumping yard waste on a city open space property and other sites on the south end of the island just before noon. Police were initially notified by a passerby who saw the suspect dump bamboo-like cuttings on city-owned property near Gazzam Lake. When police spotted the truck on Miller Road. The truck sped up after an officer activated his patrol car’s siren. As the officer tried to catch up, two pedestrians noticed the pursuit and assisted the officer by motioning toward a driveway where the truck had turned. The suspect initially feigned ignorance about the incident but eventually admitted to dumping brush near Gazzam and around a south-end water tower where at least two large loads were deposited. The suspect said was clearing brush for a relative who had given him money to dump the cuttings at the waste transfer station. The suspect admitted that he used the money to buy gas instead. An officer escorted the suspect back to the two dump sites and instructed the suspect to clean them up.

April 4
Underage drinking: A Bainbridge man was found to have supplied a residence in which teenagers were drinking alcohol. Police initially found a youth walking on Fletcher Bay Road just before 11 p.m. The officer was concerned for the youth’s safety because he had no shoulder to walk on and was wearing dark clothing, making him susceptible to injury from passing vehicles. The youth accepted a ride home from the officer, who noticed that the youth smelled strongly of alcohol. The youth said he’d been at a party with other teenagers who were drinking beer. Police visited the address the youth named, finding 12 people gathered in a basement with a case of beer and several empty cans. Three of the people were under the legal age to drink. Their parents were notified. The homeowner, who was asleep, said he’d been feeling ill. Police forwarded a report to the prosecutor for possible charges.

Collapsed: A boat shed collapsed into the Point Monroe lagoon just before 10 a.m. A witness said the collapse was caused by two rowdy eagles. The shed, which was a part of a Lafayette Avenue property, sank directly under its former position. The property’s owner was notified that he is responsible for removing the structure and for ensuring it does not become a hazard for other properties or boaters. The owner is trying to sell the property and its vacant house. Nothing was in the shed when it collapsed, witnesses said. (see this blog post for photos)

April 3
Drunk driving: A Poulsbo man was arrested for drunk driving on Highway 305 near West Port Madison Road shortly just before 11:30 p.m. Police initially noticed the suspect driving his 1994 Chrysler at about 10 mph over the speed limit. An officer smelled the strong odor of alcohol emanating from the suspect once he was pulled over. He admitted to having a few drinks and that he was “probably not alright to drive.” Noticing his difficulty speaking and standing up, the officer asked him if he’d had more than five drinks. The suspect said yes. When asked if he had more than 12, the suspect said “that’s about right.”

Drunk driving: A Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving after he sped through a stop light and ran his Ford Focus off the road at a high rate of speed at the intersection of Highway 305 and Madison Avenue shortly after 6:30 p.m. Police arrived on the scene shortly after aid crews had assisted the suspect, who suffered minor scrapes, was crying and smelled strongly of alcohol. The suspect admitted he’d had three 24-ounce beers on the ferry. An opened beer was later found tucked into the waistband of his pants. His car suffered front-end damage.

Mar. 27
Underage drinking: Three Bainbridge youths were arrested for underage drinking at approximately 7 p.m. A fourth youth was arrested for supplying alcohol to the three suspects. Police were initially called by a Town & Country employee who noticed two teenage girls acting intoxicated as they left the store. The girls joined a teenage boy in Waterfront Park. All three appeared highly intoxicated when police found them. They admitted to having consuming rum and named the other youth who supplied them with it.

Mar. 24
Drinking: Two Bainbridge men were cited for trespass and ordered to leave a parking lot at Bainbridge High School just before 8:30 p.m. after they had been spotted drinking beer in a car while watching the girls’ lacrosse team practice in a nearby field. Once contacted, police noticed they were drinking cans of beer and recognized them from previous arrests. The men denied that they were watching the girls. Once of the suspects, who appeared highly intoxicated, said they were there for a “sporting event” and hoped to see a football game, despite the fact that football is a fall sport. Both suspects appeared “befuddled and embarrassed,” an officer said. The officer ordered them to leave the premises without their vehicle because they both appeared too intoxicated to drive.