Bainbridge legislator passes two bills in Olympia

Steven Gardner reports in the Kitsap Caucus blog that Bainbridge city councilwoman-turned-state representative Christine Rolfes recently passed bills in the Legislature:

A bill to let crime victims weigh in when the criminal is eligible for work release passed both houses of the Legislature. So did a bill that would make National Guard members deployed overseas eligible for county benefits they currently don’t get. Both bills were sponsored in the House by state Rep. Christine Rolfes, D-Bainbridge Island.

Read Gardner’s post here.

3 thoughts on “Bainbridge legislator passes two bills in Olympia

  1. A Rookie with two pieces of legislation passed, that is quite a feat and does not happen often. It measures three things: 1) she know what battles to pick in order to succeed; 2) she as lots of ability; 3) her District should support her to let next level of Legislator immediately, she’s a keeper.

  2. With a $9.3 Billion deficit, it would be REFRESHING to see a legislator taking laws OFF the books. I know… there’s no personal glory in that.

    A government’s level of corruption is directly proportional to the number of laws it has on the books.

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