Like to answer questions?

….well then you may enjoy the new doodad I added to the blog.

Over in the upper portion of the column to the right is a new polling feature. No doubt all the bigwigs and muckymucks will be following it closely in the hopes of pleasing the poll-vocal majority.

To kick-off the polling fun, I decided that this week’s (or month’s, depending on when I do a new one) will focus on who or what is to blame for the city’s financial mess.

2 thoughts on “Like to answer questions?

  1. Hi, Tristan:

    The poll is a good idea. Unfortunately, offering the most logical choice, “The Mayor”, might seem uncivil, so we can’t really know what people are thinking without personalizing an issue like this.

  2. “W W” has a succinct and valid response to the question. Here’s a different one, vague and perhaps evasive. I’ll propose that History (our local history, from the present moment as far back as you want to trace it; and our individual, personal histories too, which tend to predetermine how we view events and respond to the behavior of others) is to blame.

    I believe it was Kierkegaard who said, “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awaken.” That’s a bit too dramatic; it might be more appropriate to our circumstances to say that history is a funhouse corridor of mirrors.

    I suppose it’s my personal history (a day away from turning 70) that puts me onto this train of thought. The shape our City is in saddens me more than it angers me.

    I’m not inclined to absolve individuals of their portions of responsibility for the shape we’re in, financially and otherwise. I would start with the people who have the longest histories as public servants: not only our mayor but certain members of the present Council who could have behaved differently several years before this. And there are other political players, former mayors and members of the council, who ought to be looking back in some remorse over roads taken and not taken, delivering us to where we are today.

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