Bainbridge Island’s homegrown electric car business


A Bainbridge man is hard at work developing a prototype three-wheeled electric that that could one day deliver your mail or your next parking ticket.

Here’s a snippet from Rachel Pritchett’s story about Bob Fraik’s island-grown Evergreen Electromotive.

He is aiming to sell his three-wheeled electric utility vehicles to government and corporate fleets.

They could be used by parking enforcers or university security. Throw a platform on them and they could be used by park workers. Put a box on them and they become delivery vehicles for pizza and groceries. Attach a hopper and they turn into small garbage-collectors.

Read the full story here.

2 thoughts on “Bainbridge Island’s homegrown electric car business

  1. Good for him!

    We have a Prius…a great little car.

    I felt surprised yesterday when TV news mentioned that the hybrids aren’t selling to the point the President is offering a $7,500. tax credit for those who buy a hybrid.

    A woman was interviewed – she wasn’t interested in buying one because the gas prices were reasonable now. ?!
    Sharon O’Hara

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