City government expert to speak on mayor vs. manager issue

Municipal government expert Carl Neu will discuss the differences between mayor- and manager-led cities at the Bainbridge High School Commons on March 31.

Bainbridge voters will decide on May 19 whether to swap the city’s elected mayor position for a city manager hired by the City Council.

Neu has worked with over 600 local and state government entities since 1976. As a consultant, he has focused on strategic leadership-building, policy development, long-range planning and elected official teamwork skills.

Neu’s visit is sponsored by the Bainbridge Resources Group. His discussion at BHS begins at 7 p.m.

4 thoughts on “City government expert to speak on mayor vs. manager issue

  1. In examining the Bainbridge Resources Group website, it appears they are supportive of the City Manager model. Shouldn’t this be noted in the announcement and might it call into question the possible objectivity of the presentation?

  2. James M. Olsen, Shining City Media believes that the change-in-government movement is well intentioned but the wrong way to proceed. Believing changing the atmospherics of local government will cause BI to be adult is pure magic thinking. Magic thinking we do not need.

    We are mad as hell and we are not going to take it any longer. See the Call for Mayor K’s recall. (double-click the link to YouTube or do a cut-and-past) Call to Recall:

    Changing our City of Bainbridge form of government to rid the island of the shadow of Mayor K is a stretch. The fault lies within.

  3. D. Williams,

    Bainbridge Resources Group has not yet responded to a request clarifying its position on the mayor vs. manager issue. A document on its website does focus on the strengths of a manager-led form of government.

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