Group: “Fix Winslow Way for downtown and the environment”

A group of island residents and Winslow business owners drafted a letter stressing that the controversial Winslow Way repair project is a necessary fix that’s good for people and Puget Sound.

We believe there are many neighbors who care passionately about Winslow Way and its future. No other issue has stirred up more ink on paper or created more anxiety.

And rightly so.

Winslow Way is our community living room, where our family and friends stroll and meet up at the bakeries, restaurants, ice creamery, bookstore, galleries, and retail spaces. Winslow Way is where we gather for the holidays – trick or treating, caroling, parading and dancing in the street.

Winslow Way is ultimately the island’s most-used, most-shared place. We should certainly be careful and cautious to not mess up a good thing.

We’ve heard folks say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Sure, that rolls easy off the tongue. But when you see video footage of the cracked sewer, watch the Earth Corps students installing storm water filters, or know someone who’s fallen because of the cracked sidewalks, surely one would say, “It’s broke. We’ve got to fix it.”

“Well, what’s holding off for one more year going to hurt?” Currently we have $7 million ($6 million grants and $1 million in private contributions) covered of the $11.2 million project. Not going forward on this project means returning $6 million in grant money. Our cost would go from $4.2 million in 2010 to $13 million in 2011. Do you feel the pain yet? And every year delayed, just keep adding another million. Ouch!

But more importantly it’s not just about the money – it’s about our environment and our neighbors. Do you really think there’s someone out there willing to say, “I don’t mind if my car pollution keeps running off into Eagle Harbor” or “It’s okay folks in wheelchairs can’t easily move along Winslow Way”?

We don’t think so.

We care about our neighbors, our environment, and our downtown.

Our common ground is Winslow Way. And our desire to fix Winslow Way is a sign, even in uncertain times, that we are prepared for a brighter future.

Debbi Lester, Winslow
Leslie Marshall, Commodore Lane
Jon Quitslund, Crystal Springs
William J. Johnson, Port Madison
Michael & Trude Lisagor, Winslow
Amy Aspell, Rolling Bay
David Cinamon, Frog Rock
Bill Luria, Rolling Bay
William J. Johnson, Port Madison
Amy Aspell, Rolling Bay
William Langemack, Wing Point
Victoria Josslin, Winslow
Michael Foley, Beachcrest Dr. NE
Babara Trafton, Eagledale
Sarah Wen, Kennedy & Kate
Susan Wood Taylor, The Traveler

One thought on “Group: “Fix Winslow Way for downtown and the environment”

  1. If someone knows which bond rating organization is involved please post. It may not be too late to inform the agency of the mess on the Island financially and that the majority of Islanders do not want this project to go ahead at this time. If enough of us barraged the rating agency this WW project would come to a rapid hault!

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