Bainbridge Island’s stimulus wishlist

Bainbridge Island requested about $11.3 million in project funding from President Barack Obama’s $787 billion stimulus plan. Most of Bainbridge’s requests, which were submitted to the Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council earlier this month, are for road repairs and non-motorized transportation improvements.

The project list is below…

Road repaving $3.5 million

Wing Point Way sidewalk and road improvements $2.7 million

North Madison shoulder widening $1.9 million

Miller Road shoulder widening $1.3 million

Winslow Way utility and road work $862,000

Culvert replacement program $500,000

Trail link to Meigs Farm property $500,000

Eagle Harbor dock preservation $172,000

Blakely Avenue shoulder widening $150,000

Earthquake retrofit project $145,000

One thought on “Bainbridge Island’s stimulus wishlist

  1. Interesting list, maybe a little more in line with the known voter priorities. Should we receive the monies the Mayor is responsible to Obama for not wasting the monies. He put out a statement to this affect on Friday. Does he have any idea of the mis-spending and wastes we have witnessed on this Island by this MAYOR? Wondering if he could give the same direction as regards the local, county, and State tax dollars she manages? And then again, giving direction to our MAYOR is like talking to a rock!

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