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4 thoughts on “Should cyclists ride or walk over the Agate Pass Bridge?

  1. There are sidewalks, narrow to be sure, on the Agate Pass Bridge.Walkers use them all the time. If a bicyclist riding on the bridge roadway on a dark, rainy December evening, as I have seen numerous times,is hit by a car, I would consider it an unfortunate accident that could have easily been avoided had the cyclist used the sidewalk.This is just an observation,people of squeaky wheels,and by the way,before you squeak again in my direction, I drive a small 4 cylinder pick up truck and not the Cadillac or Mercedes or large SUV that the one, two, three of you have suggested in the past. I harbor no road rage towards other modes of tranportation and even if I sometimes shake my head in wonderment at some of the antics I have seen on the road,I am always careful. I realize that there are some very unsafe areas that cars and bikes share on the island. When I ride my bike I usually avoid these areas.

  2. Bicycles have the same rights as cars, on roads or bridges. Where is the debate here? are we considering changing state law, or just complaining for the sake of complaining?

  3. Chill. No one is complaining,just pointing out common sense safety concerns. When you are run over on the bridge exersising your rights on a dark rainy night by an electric car or an SUV going the speed limit, I am sure that your family and friends will sympathize with your injuries or mourn your death. Others will say and ask, “What a dope. Why was he riding in the roadway when there is a perfectly good sidewalk?”

  4. As one who has bounced a bike off the cement wall, I believe common sense dictates that we walk our bikes across the bridge. Bikes on the roadway
    just impede traffic progress, especially at heavy commuter periods. Its not about who has a legal right to use the roadway, its about excercising our brain matter and doing what makes sense.

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