Daily Archives: February 4, 2009


Like many journalists these days, I’m now linking to readers through Twitter. Some call it “instant blogging.” Some call it “Internet text-messaging.” And some call it the Next Big Thing…before the Next Big Thing.

My guess is that Twitter is one piece in the ever-changing puzzle that may soon show us the new face of newspapers (hint: it likely won’t include paper).

I’m using Twitter to keep tabs on that discussion (a lot of it is happening on Twitter) and to keep Islander/Kitsap Sun/Bainbridge Conversation readers posted on what I’m up to, the stories I’m working on and what I ate for breakfast (just kidding…maybe).

Kitsap Sun web editor Angela Dice is a hardcore Twitterer. You can see her Twit it up here, or check out the Sun’s Twitter newbies Josh Farley (cops) and Steven Gardener (politics) over here and here. The Sun has all-purpose Twitter page here. It’s a good spot to keep an eye on breaking news.

You can visit to my Twitter page here. If you set up an account, you get what they call “tweets” (…ugh…) on your Twitter from me and everyone else on your e-mail address list who Twitterizes.