Start hoarding for the Rainpocalypse

The city issued a warning today about the heavy rains and strong winds that are expected to continue tonight and tomorrow. Another 10 inches of rain is on its way, further saturating soils and increasing the likelihood of falling trees, power outtages and landslides.

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is urging residents to stock up (if you didn’t already do so after the Snowpocalypse) on emergency supplies.

In a statement issued today, police suggest residents…

1) Buy fuel for vehicles and generators now.   Don’t just fill the generator tank, but stock additional fuel in case your generator needs to run for a longer period of time.  Remember to always store gasoline outside, not in the house or garage.  Remember, in a power outage, gas pumps may not work.

2) Check supplies now, and re-stock food, water and batteries.  Storm conditions lead to long lines and limited supplies at the store.  Review what you have on hand, how long your supplies wil last, and what you need to replace.

3) Know your neighbors.   There are people right next door who can help you in an emergency, and vice versa.  Work with neighbors to identify a designated meeting place, with an alternative heat source, for those in need of heat or assistance, and arrange to check on senior citizens and other vulnerable neighbors.  Emergency preparedness in its most basic form is neighbor helping neighbor.

4) Make sure all family members know where supplies are and what your emergency plan is.  This is great time to schedule a family get-together to go over your emergency plan, answer questions and calm fears.

5) Washington State Patrol and the Washington State Department of Transportation are urging motorists to avoid travel unless absolutely necessary.  State routes 8, 9, 20, 106, 112, 162, 165, 410, 539, and 546 are closed due to mudslides, water over the roadway and other safety concerns.  Make sure your car is equipped with extra food, water and warm clothing or a sleeping bag.  Motorists who find themselves stranded are urged to stay sheltered in their vehicles to avoid the elements and the risk of being hit by other vehicles.

For up-to-date weather information, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website at, and enter “Bainbridge Island, WA” under Local Forecast.

For storm updates and more preparation tips, road closures and additional information on preparing yourself and your family, visit the city’s website.  Look for the Emergency Preparedness link on the left.  Or, look for the city’s orange emergency update boxes at Safeway, Ace Hardware, Helpline House, the Bainbridge Island Commons/Senior Center, Walt’s Lynwood Market, American Legion Hall, Island Center Hall, Bainbridge Athletic Club – Meadowmeer, Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church, Pt. Madison Lutheran Church and Seabold United Methodist Church.