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2 thoughts on “BI’s world record-slashing sword master

  1. All I can picture is the historical record of the Rape of Nanking by Iris Chang about the Japanese occupation of Nanking China in 1938. The soldiers there held contests with the beloved samurai swords on live Chinese citizens. The samurai is an instrument of war. Would the Sun be covering a person who broke the Guiness World Record of sharpshooting pumpkins with a sniper’s rifle? I doubt it.

    Is it any wonder this record-holder hails from Bainbridge? I wonder where he got his “obsession” with things Japanese? Perhaps it was the 6th grade curriculum of “Leaving Our Island.”

  2. Congratulations to the remarkably skilled and talented Aaron McCloud
    for his WORLD CLASS performance of the ancient art of Tameshigiri.I
    wish I could have witnessed the event.I’m sure his feat will be verified as a WORLD RECORD.This young person is a true Sword Master
    in an ancient art whose mastery demands the respect and admiration
    of all.The dedication,focus,physical and mental strength,that this young man has displayed,is truly historical and shall go down as such.
    Jim Olsens myopic response is to be expected.In my opinion.

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