Police Blotter: Dad tries to find son’s pressure point, gets punched

A Bainbridge dad tried to calm his back-talking teenage son’s emotions with a unique technique. After smacking his face, he jabbed a thumbnail into his son’s head in search of a “pressure point.” The Vulcan brain jab backfired, spurring the son to punch his poppa.

Read on for this and other blotter news….

Nov. 22
Assault: A 29-year-old Bainbridge man was arrested for assaulting his mother at an Olympic Terrace Avenue residence shortly after 1 p.m. The victim told police that she had asked the suspect to rake leaves and do other chores. When the suspect did not respond, the victim asked about his plans for the day. When she “gently took him by the hand,” the suspect forcefully grabbed one of her arms. She called 911 while he uttered curse words and left the room. The suspect told police that the conflict stemmed from his mother’s former tendency to tell his sister to wash her hair before bike rides rather than after them. “He was not making a lot of sense,” an officer noted. The suspect was handcufffed and driven to the county jail.

Road rage: Police were called to Vincent Road shortly after 12:30 p.m. to investigate a call about a reckless driving incident. A man in a Honda Element van, “who seemed very agitated,” greeted an officer. He explained that a man in a camouflage pickup truck had revved his engine and yelled an obscenity at him after he tried to let pedestrians cross Bucklin Hill Road. While the truck driver did not threaten him, the van driver insisted that police track him down and arrest him for “road rage,” an emotion he insisted violated the law. When the officer said he’d first have to discuss the incident with the truck driver, the van driver “became very angry, saying that he wanted the driver cited and that road rage was an arrestable charge.” He then insisted the officer report back to him after the truck driver was arrested. Again, the officer explained that the man’s behavior doesn’t automatically mean he’ll be arrested. “What, is he a buddy of yours?” the van driver asked. The officer found the truck driver at his house, where he explained in a “calm” manner that the van driver had stopped at for pedestrians who were merely talking and never did cross the road. The truck driver revved his engine because his horn is inoperative. The van driver then drove below the speed limit and stopped in the middle of the road. The truck driver yelled an insult, to which the van driver “giggled in a wimpy-type voice.” The officer went back to the van driver to report that the truck driver would not be citied, but the van driver had left the scene.

Nov. 21
Dog bite: A Bainbridge man was bitten by a large red dog while he jogged along Ferncliff Avenue. The victim came to the police station and showed bleeding puncture wounds on an upper thigh. The dog’s owner told police that the batteries in the dog’s invisible fence collar had lost power, allowing the dog to roam free. The owner verified that the dog was current on its shots, including rabies. A report was forwarded to the Humane Society.

Nov. 20
Assault: A Bainbridge man was arrested at his Alder Avenue home for assaulting his 15-year-old son shortly after 6 p.m. Police were initially called to the home about an “out-of-control” boy. According to the victim, he and his father had been arguing. The victim reclined on a couch and uttered a final salvo of insults to end the argument. In response, his father hit him on the face and dug his thumbnail behind an ear, leaving a red crescent-shaped indentation. The victim then punched his father, spurring him to force the boy to the ground with his arms behind his back. The suspect explained that he was trying to find a “pressure point” behind the boy’s ear. He admitted he had overstepped his bounds and was taken to jail.

Nov. 19
Burglary: A Bainbridge woman reported that several jewelry items were stolen from her Rockaway Beach Drive home while she was gone for two months.

Drunk Driving: A 30-year-old Bainbridge woman was arrested for drunk driving and possession of drug paraphernalia on Sportsman Club Road just after 4 p.m. Police initially noticed a BMW in a ditch near Sportsman Club’s intersection with Finch Road. An officer noticed a makeup kit strewn around the car’s interior, as well as the driver’s wallet. The suspect’s husband approached the officer and explained that his wife had driven into the ditch. She was driven home by a friend who had been trailing her, he said. She was contacted at home but refused to return to the scene. “I shouldn’t,” she said. “I’ve been drinking.” Police explained that they’d visit her at home. She began to cry, asking “What are the ramification of you coming to my house?” She “appeared quite intoxicated” and had trouble standing up, an officer reported after arriving at her house. She admitted to having consumed “three drinks” and that her drinking likely made her run off the road. She “began sobbing nearly uncontrollably” as the officer took her to the county jail. “You can’t prove I was behind the wheel,” she told the officer several times. A subsequent search of the suspect’s car turned up two pot pipes, a small amount of marijuana and several unbottled prescription drugs for anxiety, depression and attention deficit disorder.

Nov. 18
Scary: An irate Bainbridge man frightened city staff at the Winslow sewer treatment plant on Hawley Way just after 7:30 a.m. An employee who was working in a back office heard the man enter the front office and began yelling. “Where is everybody, it’s f—-ing 7:30,” he said loudly. He left the office, returned shortly after and again yelled. The employee entered the office but found the man had again left. He returned shortly and began yelling again and was heard throwing objects. The employee did not leave her rear office again out of fear. After he left a third time, the employee entered the front office and found building plans, paperwork and a chair strewn on the floor. A construction worker who was repairing the plant’s roof said the man had yelled at him as well, and that he seemed to be concerned about noise. The worker noticed the man walk to a nearby residence. The man told police that he was unhappy with construction noise at the plant. The noise, he said, had started at 7 a.m. and was bothering his wife, who was recovering after a stay in a hospital. He explained that he “trashed” the office because he was upset. No damage was reported and the man was not charged.

Nov. 17
Death: A 70-year-old man was found dead on a trail near Trail Heights Court just before 10 a.m. The woman who found the man said she often sees him jogging the trail with his dog. The man’s dog was sitting by his side. Medics pronounced the man dead at the scene. They determined he likely died of a heart attack. He was identified and his family was notified of his death. His dog was put in the care of family.