The new deputy chief says ‘hi’

Jon Fehlman, the BIPD’s new deputy chief, was treated to a not-so-warm welcome on the online comments section of my story about his hiring.

Some comments questioned the need for his position. Others were critical of the BIPD for not hiring from within the department. One raised the issue of his California-ness.

Looks like they’ve got the internet down in Santa Rosa, and that Fehlman surfs it.

He posted a response today. Read it below.

Hello from California. I am Jon Fehlman and as you have read I will be your new Deputy Chief of Police on December 1. I appreciate all the opinions and comments. Great discussions! So you may get to know me better here are a few things about me and my background:

1) I am a perpetual optimist. I believe the best in all until proven otherwise. I believe with the challenges ahead for all of us the very best work will be accomplished.

2) My first order of business will be proving Chief Haney and the selection board made the right choice when they picked me. This will also be my mission the rest of my career (which I plan on making 10-15 years longer).

3) I strongly believe in community and police involvement with each other. To that end I will make myself available to meet with anyone, anytime, anywhere. I will meet with you over coffee, at your business, school, home or church.

4) I love horses and dogs. I have had a horse for years but have now sold him due to age (his and mine). I have two labs, one chocolate and one black. They are named George and Gracie.

5) I am married with five sons. My oldest is serving his country in the US Army, is a sergeant and stationed in Germany. The four sons who will be moving with us are 18, 16, 13 and 9. Great sons who are our pride and joy.

If any of you would like to speak with me or email me I have included my contact info below.

Take care all and I look forward to meeting you in the weeks to come. Jon

Office (707)543-3573
Cell (707)486-5599
Email (active until I move)

2 thoughts on “The new deputy chief says ‘hi’

  1. Welcome to Kitsap County Jon. While I do not live in your jurisdiction on BI, I admire your forthrightness, and foresight in writing. It is a breath of fresh air. Don’t know much about BI politics, just what I read, and that seems minimal compared to California. Washington is a beautiful place to live also, and your family and animals will grow to love it. Good Luck!

  2. Bainbridge Island got one of the SF Bay area’s best in Jon Fehlman. He will do a great job for you, you’ll see. There is no replacement for heart-level commitment to mission, and when you add that to great aptitude/abilities and a very strong sense of team, it’s a formula that is up to whatever your task is there in Washington.
    Jon has all that and he will give it to you. Jon has a strong work ethic, and unimpeachable integrity. Santa Rosa PD is at a great loss, to your benefit. We miss him already!

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