At first glace, you might think this sign that spouted up on Madison Avenue might indicate the island’s most prolific sign maker had an election night epiphany, switched parties and decided to be more concise in his roadside rants.

I doubt it.

My guess is that the island’s most prolific sign maker (whose recent right-of-way exclamations include “STOP COBI SEWER TAX TAX,” “NO PARX TAX $~$&,” and “DRILL NOW”) has an imitator, albeit one whose message likely resonates with a larger number of islanders.

Fun Fact: Didja know that Bainbridge Islanders in 2008 spent almost $300,000 on the candidate emblazoned on the above sign? His Republican opponent managed to draw just $40,000.

16 thoughts on “From “STOP COBI SEWER TAX TAX” to “OBAMA”

  1. Actually the NOBAMA sign was defaced to tear off the critical “N.” Talk about fast-thinking Obamanites. Actually there were signs made to look like the real ones with anti-messages on them. You could tell they were counterfeits because they were on newly minted plastic sign board. The originals only use recycled materials from GOP candidates. Imitation is most sincerest form of flattery. To my young/old/middle-age imitators — cool !

    Speaking of signs, check out the attempt by the BITV crime reporter to mock the victims of sign theft. Haydon takes particular outrage with the hand-crafted signs Reporter baurick’s sharp eye has commented on. Watch Search BITV crime censored rebuttal. See the crime created by the crime reporter.

  2. D.Williams: this data as far a D and R contributions to presidential candidates was covered in other “news” pieces. Most of what the Sun and Review covers is more of news magazine rather than either news or editorial. What BITV calls BNEWS is really paid infomational pieces for the advertisers. Is it any wonder the faith on newspapers is dropping off sharply. The says of a watch dog press is long gone. We now have a tootless lap dog of local government and special interests (advertisers).

  3. James, keep your signs to yourself. They are lame. Why would anyone drill in Winslow? How bout “Dig Now” for the leaking sewer lines under Winslow way?

  4. Craig P ~~~ do I need permission from Craig the Commissar of Free Speech. Show off man. Move to DPRNK with you inclusive views on free speech.

    Yes, DRILL NOW for oil to power our economy. And YES, fix the stupid leaking line but hold the WINSLOW-NEVER FRAUD.

    Get a clue.

    Craig — see DECEIT DECEPTION RECALL MAYOR BAINBRIDGE for some thoughts on our local fiasco. Also see BITV crime censored rebuttal to learn a wee bit about our incestous rat’s nest here on Bainbridge.

  5. Olsen:

    As one who frequently expounds on his right to litter public and private property with signs promoting your all-to-predictable opinions, do you consider your recent rants against others expressions their views via public resources (BITV) simply ironic or completely hypocritical? FYI, I think it’s both.

    Also, does the failure of nearly every local/county/statewide/national candidate/initiative you’ve supported ever cause you to think that perhaps your signs and letters are counterproductive to your causes? Heaven forbid I ever end up on the same side of an issue as you, because you always lose.

  6. Mikey — move to a paradise like DPRNK where you would feel right at home with their campaign regimen.

    Tough luck. I and others will post whatever political signs we want to.

    Stop the whine Mickey !! See BITV crime censored rebuttal.

  7. Jim,Speaking of crimes, don’t you hold the world’s record for number of appearances in the Police Blotter? What is it,24 or 25?I personally
    like your signs.I can use the comedic fodder.Since you made your video,viewership of Police Blotter has increased quite a bit,and I
    thank you.Whenever we are feeling down,we make a bowl of popcorn and
    watch it and laugh and laugh and laugh.It’s a real hoot and I recommend it to all.By the way,I am not a crime reporter.I’m not even
    a reporter,and,like your wife,I don’t work for BITV.I do Police Blotter for fun,so keep up the good work.

  8. Speaking of real “crimes” and the signs, let’s hear it for troubled public access here on BI.

    BITV members, Comcast subscribers, COBI and BI citizens:

    This statement is being aired on BITV stations 12 and 22.

    Soviet newspapers Izvestia (the Message) and Pravda (the Truth) would routinely run similar denials about rampant discrimination and retaliation for religious, political and cultural non-orthodoxy. Hey BITV, actions always speak louder than broadcast denials.

    Attached below is today’s Bainbridge Review article about the BITV Scott Schmidt’s firing of an employee under very questionable circumstances. Kudos to the Review reporter and editor for taking on the issue.

    In the BITV Nov 21, 2008 news release on this firing, BITV Director Merriman through his Executive Director have attempted to recast the story but revealed far more than one could hope for about motives and methods. Remember this release is nearly 4 weeks after the firing.

  9. Oh, and speaking of hate crimes: BITV crime (censor) rebuttal. Credit where credit is due.

    Is there a reason Kitsap Sun is awol on this story? BI Review scooped the story weeks ago. Hey, the turkey eat story was interesting on this blog.

  10. Glad to hear John Haydon, BITV crime reader, adheres to P.T. Barnums dictum: no such thing as bad publicity as long as the spell the name correctly. H-A-Y-D-O-N.

    Glad to pull up your ratings. BITV Crime (censored) rebuttal or deceit deception mayoral recall Bainbridge.

  11. Jim O,I’ve noticed a lot of new signs.Did you put on an extra shift at the old sign factory?Collectors island wide must be pleased.

  12. James Olsen… How can you be so ornery on so many fronts? It is the holiday season, lighten up! You remind me of the lonely Grinch looking down on the city wondering how you can wreck their good time.
    Why It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. Or maybe his head wasn’t screwed on just right. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

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