Daily Archives: November 6, 2008

An island benefit for land mine victims in Asia

A Bainbridge nonprofit organization that has helped thousands of landmine victims around the world is looking for help close to home this year.

In an effort to reach more islanders, Clear Path International is moving its largest annual fundraiser from Seattle to Bainbridge.

Set for Saturday evening, the event will feature live music, improv comedy and an auction for foreign trips and a dinner with a famous author.

“This is our first benefit on the island where we were founded eight years ago,” said Imbert Matthee, Clear Path’s executive director. “We’ve grown amazingly since then.”

Clear Path has expanded from its initial focus area in central Vietnam to assist landmine victims in Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar and, most recently, Afghanistan.

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At first glace, you might think this sign that spouted up on Madison Avenue might indicate the island’s most prolific sign maker had an election night epiphany, switched parties and decided to be more concise in his roadside rants.

I doubt it.

My guess is that the island’s most prolific sign maker (whose recent right-of-way exclamations include “STOP COBI SEWER TAX TAX,” “NO PARX TAX $~$&,” and “DRILL NOW”) has an imitator, albeit one whose message likely resonates with a larger number of islanders.

Fun Fact: Didja know that Bainbridge Islanders in 2008 spent almost $300,000 on the candidate emblazoned on the above sign? His Republican opponent managed to draw just $40,000.

Be a voice for BI

The Sun is offering two new ways for a few select readers to express their opinions.

One way is to join the Sun’s editorial board. The paper’s rotating out last year’s community representatives (none of which were islanders) and needs five newbies. Read this for more information, and send in your application by Monday.

The other new option for expressing your opinions is to become a Kitsap Sun blogger.

It’s a simple deal: the Sun hands you a blog and you yak it up about the liberals, your dog, other blogs, your cat, parking, taxes, corporate mind-control, your favorite casserole recipe or Sepak Takraw.

Give the Sun your best pitch, send links to any blog you already blog on and tell them what the focus of your blog would be.

Promising to blog frequently will boost your chances. There was no mention of pay, so you’ll just have to write your blog at your day job.

For an idea of how this works, check out the Seattle P-I’s reader blogs by clicking here.

Opinion Editor Jim Campbell and Web Editor Angela Dice will review your ideas and pick the would-be blogger. E-mail jim.campbell@kitsapsun.com.

Recycle your TV (or other electrotrash) for free

Starting Jan. 1, you can recycle your computer, monitor, or TV at the Goodwill at the drop off outside Ace Hardware on High School Road…for free.

Thanks to a new state law, the cost of recycling many old electronic items will be passed on to manufacturers. And the old gizmos, which contain toxic components, will be kept out of landfills.

The programs doesn’t cover everything. Cell phones, old computer mice, printers and several other items will have to go elsewhere.

For more info, read Chris Dunagan’s story here.