Police blotter: Bomb threat at swimming pool

On Wednesday, the Bainbridge public pool was evacuated after a someone took the time to read the writing on the toilet stall wall. Amid the insults and advice was this potentially prescient note: “Bomb @ Pool 10/8/08.” Swimmers hopped back into the pool after no bomb was found.

Also this week, some drunk driving and cheese stealing.

Oct. 9
Burglary: A steel door was damaged at a Sportsman Club Road storage facility. Police were unable to gather adequate evidence because the door had been repaired by the time an officer arrived. It is unknown if anything was taken. The facility had no security cameras. Damage was estimated at $2,400.

Theft: An Eagle Harbor resident reported that his bicycle was stripped of several parts when it was left locked at Waterfront Park for about a week. The only parts remaining were the frame and front wheel. Losses were estimated at $450.

Oct. 8
Bomb threat: The Bainbridge aquatics center on Madison Avenue was evacuated just before 3:30 p.m. when a bomb threat was found scrawled in a toilet stall of the women’s changing area. The message read: “Bomb @ Pool 10/8/08.” The message, according to police, “appeared to have been poorly written with someone’s non-dominant writing hand.” The pool was reopened after officers searched the facility and found no evidence of a bomb.

Oct. 7
Vandalism: Several windows at a Madison Avenue school were etched with “swirls and loops,” causing about $500 worth of damage. Teenage males seen in the area are suspected of causing the damage.

Oct. 6
Theft: A Bainbridge woman reported her suspicion that her fiance had taken $300 from a dresser drawer at her home before leaving the state.

Drunk driving: A man was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection of Finch Road and Wyatt way shortly after 9:30 p.m. Police initially noticed the man’s Nissan Pathfinder traveling on Wyatt at about 25 mph over the posted 25 mph speed limit. The vehicle was also seen swerving in its lane. The suspect admitted to having consumed six shots of alcohol within an hour at a nearby bar. The man struggled to provide police with his license and other documents because “he appeared to be experiencing dexterity issues.” When asked for his registration, the suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol, “unfolded and stared at his registration before folding it back up” and putting it away. “He never did hand me the registration or insurance,” an officer said. On the trip to the county jail, the suspect vomited in a patrol car. “I’m really sorry,” the suspect said. “I’m not doing it on purpose.”

Drunk driving: A 55-year-old man was arrested for drunk driving at the intersection of Koura Road and State Route 305 just before 1:30 a.m. Police initially noticed the suspect’s Ford Taurus traveling erratically on 305. At one point, the car signaled to make a turn but veered back into the lane, forcing an officer to brake hard to avoid a collision. Once pulled over, the man and admitted to having consumed a few drinks on a flight to Seatac.

Oct. 5
Theft: A 55-year-old woman was arrested for shoplifting $38 worth of yogurt and cheese from a High School Road business just after 4:30 p.m.

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