Teens get diversion agreements for police vehicle vandalism

Read Kitsap Sun police reporter Josh Farley’s story on the price two Bainbridge teens must pay for painting and slashing the tires of police vehicles in June.

County prosecutors will drop vandalism charges against two Bainbridge Island teens if they stay crime-free for a year, do community service, and pay back the police department for the eight patrol cars they damaged.

Samuel Bice, 18, and Colin Bowman, 18, have entered the felony diversion program, according to Chris Casad, Kitsap County deputy prosecutor.

Bice and Bowman were arrested by Bainbridge police in June after an investigation revealed the pair had painted eight patrol cars and slashed the tires on some of them, including Chief Matt Haney’s vehicle, which was at his home. Some of the cars had “08” painted on them. The incidents occurred around the time of the island’s “paint night” tradition for Bainbridge High School’s graduating seniors.

Bowman and Bice both personally apologized to Haney on separate occasions, he said, adding that they were “very apologetic,” and that they weren’t targeting him personally.

They’ll each have to perform 100 hours of community service. They have already paid back about $9,000 each for repairs of the cars, Casad said.

Paul Cullen, Bice’s attorney, said the result “is a good one for all the parties.” He said the 18-year-olds acknowledged they’d made a “huge mistake,” and he praised the police department for “being responsive” toward working out a resolution.

“I think it shows that the police here aren’t just responsible to community, but a part of it,” he said.

Bowman and Bice will have to report to a counselor twice a month to ensure they’re upholding the conditions of the agreement, Casad said. Should they commit another crime, they will be expelled from the program and likely quickly convicted of the original felony charges, he said.

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  1. Very happy with this resolution. Their lives shouldn’t have been ruined because of a very stupid prank. Don’t know if their parents will insist on payback, but I know I would. I’d make them put off college (or whatever) and take any possible job until the tab is paid. Good life experience.

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