Police blotter: parkour practitioners busted on school roof

Parkour practitioners (or “traceurs,” as they’re called in the sport’s homeland) took their fleet-footed stylings to the roof of Blakely Elementary. That is, until their practice session was halted by Bainbridge police.

Sort of like skateboarding but without a skateboard, or circus acrobatics without the tights, parkour is a newfangled French sport in which the urban environment is used as an obstacle course. Read all about it here, and see a traceur (and an angry chicken) perform here.

An officer heard me chuckling as I read the police report on the parkour-bust. I thought the four teens must have been pulling the arresting officer’s leg with the parkour excuse. Not true, the officer told me. There are actually quite a few traceurs on the island, he said. They mostly stay close to the ground, preferring planters, bike racks and benches to leap and flip over. He said hopping atop rooftops is a new development.

Also this week, harassment is spread via Harley on Winslow Way and a Point Monroe man’s grass is stolen (no, not that grass).

Sept. 20
Drunk driving: A Bainbridge man was arrested for drunk driving shortly after 4 p.m. on Madison Avenue. The man had suffered minor injuries to a hand after he veered off the road and ran over a fire hydrant with his 1985 Toyota van. The hydrant was knocked from its base and pushed several yards away. The van’s front end was severely damaged. The man admitted to having consumed “a lot of beer” and said his hand injury resulted from punching the windshield in frustration after the crash. The man “is at rock bottom as far as alcohol consumption goes,” according to his brother, whom police contacted after the crash. The man needs “some tough love with police as far as his drinking goes,” the brother also noted. The man was transported to Harrison Hospital in Bremerton after his arrest.

Theft: A Bainbridge woman reported that her car had been stolen during the night from the Winslow Arms Apartments parking lot on Parfitt Way. The keys had been left in the car.

Sept. 19
Struck: A Bainbridge man was struck by a Honda Civic while he crossed a parking lot entrance on Ericksen Avenue. The man, who was within a crosswalk area, was hit when the car turned left from Ericksen. Witnesses heard the collision and saw the pedestrian roll off the car’s roof. He suffered injuries that were not disclosed by police. The driver, a Bainbridge man, was charged with failing to yield to pedestrian.

Sept. 16
Sinking: Police and the city harbormaster pumped water from a sinking sailboat in Port Madison Bay just before 11:30 a.m. The 40-foot wooden vessel “had taken on so much water that the water was lapping over the toe rails” and filled the cockpit, according to police. An unknown amount of oil escaped from the boat. The vessel’s Seattle owner was contacted.

Crash: A Bainbridge man driving a Chevrolet pickup truck struck the rear of a Subaru station wagon at the intersection of Wyatt Way and Weaver Road shortly after 7:30 p.m. The truck’s driver said he was “daydreaming” and didn’t notice the station wagon had stopped for a pedestrian at the Wyatt Way crosswalk. The station wagon driver, a Bainbridge man, suffered eye and neck injuries.

Sept. 15
Theft: A large patch of beach grass was stolen from a Point Monroe Drive property. The homeowner estimated the grass patch at about 150 square feet. Although the man did not plant the native grass, he estimates its value was $50.

Theft: A 12-foot boat and outboard motor were stolen from a community dock in Port Madison Bay. Losses were estimated at $1,700.

Harassed: A Bremerton woman was harassed by a woman on a blue Harley Davidson motorcycle near the Harbor Square Condominiums on Winslow Way just before 4:30 p.m. The suspect had reportedly followed the victim from Bremerton and confronted her on Bainbridge about a sexual relationship with a man they both know.

Sept. 13
Drunk Driving: A Seattle man was arrested for drunk driving just before 11:45 p.m. on Hidden Cove Road. Police had followed the man’s pickup truck as it traveled south on State Route 305 after noticing it weave outside its lane. The driver admitted to having consumed a couple shots of brandy at the Clearwater Casino in Suquamish. A criminal history check found that the driver has a history of drunk driving.

Theft: A Bainbridge woman’s 1997 Honda Accord was stolen just before 8 p.m. from a driveway on Morning Lane off Sunrise Drive. The woman said she had left the car running while dropping off her daughter at a friend’s house. When she returned about 40 minutes later, the car was gone. The car was located in Suquamish a few hours later outside a residence known for methamphetamine use and sales. One of the home’s residents said she had repeatedly seen the car drive by her home. When she confronted the driver, he leapt from the car and ran off, she said. She then drove the car to her home. The car’s owner found that her credit cards were missing from a wallet she left in her car and that someone used her cell phone to make calls. Her passenger door was damaged.

Sept. 12
Trespassing: Four teenage males were arrested for trespassing on the roof of Blakely Elementary School just before 8:30 p.m. The teens told police they were practicing “the art of parkour,” a French-developed movement sport that uses the urban environment as an obstacle course. They used their parkour skills rather than a ladder to gain access to the roof, police said. Their parents and school officials were contacted. No damage was reported.