Police blotter: Search continues for a barefooted, gravel-throwing street burner

This week, a mysterious barefooted teen lit an intersection ablaze and pummeled a witness’ car with gravel before disappearing into the woods.

Police mounted a late night search of the area, going door-to-door and checking the feet of sleepy teenagers. The search was called off after officers found only innocence-proving clean feet.

Also this week, a man wakes up to find his truck’s gas flavored with strawberry Nesquik, and a gas-thieving boater takes a victory lap for the benefit of landlubber police officers.

Sept. 14
Theft: Gas was reportedly stolen from a vessel at a community dock in Hidden Cove shortly after 9 a.m. The suspect was observed pouring a four gallon gas can’s contents into his own gas can. While at the scene, an officer observed the suspect speed by in a 12-foot-long boat. The officer radioed for support but the police boat was not available. A later water-bourne search of the area was unsuccessful. The suspect is described as a teenage male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt.

Struck: A Bainbridge woman was injured when a Volvo station wagon driven by a Bainbridge man backed into her as she walked in a parking lot in Fort Ward State Park near Pleasant Beach Drive. The victim was transported to Swedish Hospital in Seattle with undisclosed injuries.

Shot: A window of an unoccupied vehicle parked at a Rosario Place residence was reportedly shot with a gun overnight.

Shot: The driver’s side window of 1994 Ford pickup parked at a Cosgrove Street residence was reportedly shot with a gun overnight. Seven small dents in the door led police to believe the truck was shot with a BB gun. Damages are estimated at $500.

Sept. 12
Attempted burglary: A Mandus Olson Road resident reported that two unknown males entered her house through an unlocked door shortly after 10 a.m. The resident saw the suspects standing in her home and told them to leave. They immediately complied. The resident was able to give limited descriptions of the suspects, saying that they were both caucasian, and one was “heavy set” and one was “thinner.”

Sept. 11
Burned: A teenage male reportedly lit a street intersection on fire just before 10 p.m. According to a witness, the suspect poured a flammable fluid in the intersection of Madison Avenue and Valley Road and lit it on fire, causing 2-foot-high flames. The witness and her boyfriend, who was traveling in a separate vehicle behind her, followed the suspect as he ran down Valley Road. While searching in her vehicle, the witness’ car was struck by gravel by the suspect, who again ran away. Damages to her car were estimated at $500. The suspect was described as 16 to 19 years-old, slender, tall and wearing a white shirt, khaki shorts. The witness also noted that the suspect was barefoot. Police visited homes in the area asking parents if they had teenaged sons and checking to see if they had dirty feet. Police found only sleeping teenaged boys with clean feet.

Crash: A bicyclist was injured when he hit a fallen tree branch on the shoulder of Hidden Cove Road. The cyclist suffered an undisclosed injury when his bike hit the ground.

Sept. 9
Interfering: A Bainbridge man was arrested at his Hidden Cove Road home for interfering with the reporting of a domestic disturbance. He reportedly took and destroyed a phone his 14-year-old daughter was using to call 911. The daughter told police that she and her father were arguing about her refusal to do her homework. The father said he felt “intimidated” by the thought of police coming to his house. The daughter was transported to a friend’s house for the night with permission from her father.

Theft: An island resident reported over $1,000 in unauthorized charges to his credit card. The victim said he has had trouble with other people using his social security card number.

Meth: Two people were arrested for possession of methamphetamines, marijuana, drug paraphernalia near the intersection of Agatewood Road and State Route 305 shortly after 12:30 a.m. Police initially noticed the driver, a Bainbridge woman, was operating a Chevrolet truck with expired license tabs. An officer pulled the truck over and learned through a records search that both the driver and her passenger, a Poulsbo man, were “tied to illegal narcotics” and that the man had two arrest warrants. Police found a small amount of marijuana, syringes, a digital gram scale with white residue and a baggie containing .7 grams of meth. Both suspects also had arm bruises and other marks consistent with intravenous drug use.

Sept. 8
Vandalized: A Lewis Place resident reported that two of his Ford truck’s tires were deflated and that pink powder used to give milk strawberry flavor was poured into his gas tank overnight.

Drunk driving: A Bellevue male was arrested for drunk driving on Hidden Cove Road just before 1:30 a.m. An officer initially noticed the suspect’s white Lexus car traveling erratically on State Route 305 and that its trunk was bobbing open. When the officer turned on his signal lights, the suspect halted his car in the middle of the highway before pulling off on Hidden Cove. The suspect, who smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech, struggled for nearly a minute to shift his car into park and had difficulty handing over his license. When asked for his vehicle registration, the suspect handed the officer a no-contact order issued against him at a Bellevue court.

Sept. 6
Drunk driving: A Port Angeles female was arrested for drunk driving and the illegal possession of prescription drugs just before 10:45 p.m. on State Route 305 near Hidden Cove Road. Police initially observed the suspect’s car traveling erratically on 305. Once pulled over, an officer noticed the woman smelled strongly of alcohol. She admitted to having had drinks in Seattle and on the ferry to Bainbridge. A search of her pockets produced a variety of prescription pain killers.