Looking for an affordable B.I. home? One blogger has the answer!

During a Pritchard Park beach walk, the Seattle P-I’s Bainbridge blogger Kathe Fraga stumbled upon a solution to the island’s affordable housing problem.

“Steps away from the undulating shores of the Island’s gentle waves, this beautiful waterfront home boasts all the amenities that make Island living so great!” she writes of a rock-bottom priced charmer with a million dollar view.

Channeling the spirit of a honey-tongued Realtor, Fraga enthuses about the “sandy ambiance” of this “beachy vintage estate.”

She also plugs its “charmingly rustic” outdoor dining area and its “green” design and solar heating (“There’s no roof!”).

To see the entire floor plan of this very, very affordable fixer-upper, visit Fraga’s blog, Notes from an Island.

One thought on “Looking for an affordable B.I. home? One blogger has the answer!

  1. Don’t let COBI Planning Department see this blog. They will be down there with a STOP WORK/EVICTION notice because of the 200 foot setback. Nice try thinking Bainbridge Survior 98110 would work. I see the flashing lights of COBI Prius heading down there to citate right now.

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