Daily Archives: August 15, 2008

Mayor vs. manager vote postponed

Looks like Bainbridge voters will have to wait a bit longer for their second opportunity to vote to not vote for mayor.

Petitioners have decided to move the ballot measure from November to February or November 2009.

A similar measure that would replace the elected mayor with a hired manager failed in 1993, garnering just 38 percent of the vote.

Why try again, after having the seeds kicked out of their watermelon? (As 1993 petition supporter Lois Andrus said in my previous mayor vs. manager article)

Well, for one thing, the island’s changed a lot over the last 15 years, say supporters of the new petition.

But has it changed in ways that would make residents want to relinquish their power to choose the person who helms the city?

It seems that islanders will need a bit more convincing. Petitioners, who didn’t get quite the response they hoped for, recently pushed back the vote to allow more time to make the argument that the island would be better served with a professional manager sitting in the mayor’s office.

My story on the delayed vote is below.

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