Police blotter: Drunken boater, street dancer and car pusher


This week, police busted a tipsy boater, a sloshed street dancer and a tanked teen driver who managed to crash a car with its engine off.

A hip new diet craze may explain the shoplift this week of almost $100 worth of steak and vitamins.

Get the full blotter below…

July 4
Shoplifting: Two juveniles stole $60 worth of steak and $30 worth of vitamins from the Safeway store on High School Road. Both suspects ran from store staff when confronted them, and were not located by police.

Drunken boater: A boater was arrested shortly after 8:15 p.m. for boating while drunk and obstructing an officer. The police marine unit initially noticed the boater traveling through Eagle Harbor in a small inflatable boat at a speed in excess of the posted 5 knot limit. The boater ignored several orders from police to halt. Police followed the boat to a larger pleasure craft, where the boater tied up, ignored more calls from police, went below deck and peered at the officers through a window. Other males aboard the vessel warned legal action and the notification of powerful relatives if the police boarded. One man phoned his father, a lawyer, for legal advice. The father advised his son to let the police board. Police below deck and located the boater, who smelled strongly of alcohol. The other males on the vessel verbally berated police, yelled obscenities, took written notes, recorded the officers with a video camera, made cell phone calls to report the incident and pounded fists on the police boat. One man yelled that he paid the officers’ salaries and that the officers were there to serve him. Police called the U.S. Coast Guard for a full vessel inspection, which revealed two handguns.

July 3
Drunken teen: A 19-year-old Bainbridge male was arrested at a street dance celebration on Winslow Way for consuming alcohol and possession of small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Crash: The driver of a Toyota SUV was arrested shortly before 11 p.m. on Moran Road for reckless driving and other traffic infractions after he left the roadway, hit a power pole and flipped his vehicle into a ditch. The vehicle, which was totaled, was found lying upside down by police. The driver and his two passengers suffered no serious injuries.

July 2
Extortion: An elderly Bainbridge couple called police to report that an adopted daughter is attempting to extort real estate property from them. The daughter, whom the couple raised from the ages of 6 to 12, had visited their Bainbridge farm recently after many years of limited contact. She told the couple that she feels at home on the farm and that they should give it to her because they “owe it to her.” The couple then received numerous phone calls and letters in which the daughter insinuated that the couple had physically, sexually and emotionally abused her as a child. She threatened to make her accusations public unless the couple signed over the farm. A report was forwarded to Adult Protective Services.

July 1
Luring: An adult male reportedly tried to use candy to lure an 8-year-old boy into his car on Baker Hill Road. The boy rode his bike home and told his parents. Police detained a suspect at a Lynwood Center store who matched the boy’s description. The suspect, a 20-year-old man, initially denied involvement, but later admitted he’d offered the boy candy because he thought it was “funny.”

Harassed: A middle-aged Bainbridge man was arrested at his Manzanita Drive home for threatening to kill his ex-wife and for interfering with a domestic violence report. Police arrived at the residence to find the ex-wife crying outside. She explained that her ex-husband, whom she shares a home with, was angry about finances. He allegedly threw ice cream at her, pushed her head with his fist and threatened to kill her. He disabled the phone and allegedly threatened to kill his ex-wife if she called police. The ex-husband told police his ex-wife is “crazy.”
He was transported to the county jail.

June 30
Shattered: Windows on two school buses were reportedly broken by water balloons.

June 29
Assault: A 17-year-old Bainbridge girl was arrested at her home for assaulting her father. The father had been checking his daughter’s cell phone usage when she grabbed the cell phone from him. She slapped his face when he tried to drag her to her room.

Drunk driving: A Bainbridge teenager was arrested for driving while drunk along Venice Loop Road just before 2 a.m. Police were called by a homeowner who observed the young male pull into his driveway, repeatedly try to restart his car and then push his car into a ditch. Police found the teen sleeping in the car. The boy smelled strongly of alcohol, spoke incoherently when he awoke and was unsure where he was. Empty beer cans and a pot pipe were found in his car.