Daily Archives: April 15, 2008

Quay keels over

It’s not looking good for the Quay.

Barring a “miracle,” The 71 units of affordable rentals in downtown Winslow is almost certain to go on the open market, Housing Resources Board Director Carl Florea told me today.

That means the Quay’s 100 residents will need to find new homes in an increasingly small and expensive Bainbridge rental market. Located within a minute’s walk from Winslow Way and boasting views of Eagle Harbor, the Quay property is one of the likeliest spots downtown to sprout shiny new condos.

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Bellingham gets housing lessons from B.I.

Bainbridge affordable housing advocates and city staff journeyed north to help Bellingham with its housing issues.

The median home price differences between the two communities are vast – $821,000 on B.I. vs. $340,000 in Bellingham.

The island’s affordable housing experts encouraged a “carrot and stick” approach that both encourages and requires developers to provide low-cost housing. Bellingham has set its sights on a whopping 11,000 affordable units by 2022

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