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Hit the lights


The above photo shows the earth from space during an October evening. Makes you wonder if Martians wear sunglasses at night.

Island astronomers and conservationists hope to dim the lights on our small spot on the global disco ball for a few hours on Saturday night.

They hope others will join them in turning off all lights and unplugging appliances from 8 to 9 p.m.

The City of Bainbridge is on board, agreeing to blacken all non-essential lights on the municipal breaker.

You don’t have to sit in a darkened home on Saturday night. The astronomers at the Ritchie Observatory in Battle Point Park will host a star-watching party. They say the more islanders that participate in the light-free evening, the better the view.

For more info, or call the astronomy society at (206) 842-9152

Schools get new deputy chief


The school district announced this week the hiring of Julie Goldsmith as the new assistant superintendent. She will replace Faith Chapel, who recently took the superintendent spot. Chapel replaces retiring superintendent Ken Crawford.

Goldsmith comes to Bainbridge from the Central Kitsap School District where she served for the last four years as executive director of curriculum and instruction. She also worked for over a decade in the Lake Washington School District and earned her education master’s from Seattle University.

The five-minute island check-up


You can give your assessment of how healthy a community Bainbridge Island is by taking a new survey here.

Created by the Health, Housing & Human Service Council (HHHS), the five-minute survey is aimed at identifying the gaps in core social services.

A similar survey five years ago showed that the island fell short in helping some of the poorest, youngest and oldest residents. Seems wealthy middle-aged folks fared pretty well back then.

The survey is pretty quick and easy, and it includes a few comment boxes so you can rant away.

You can read my story on the survey below.

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Police blotter: drunken crash-up derby, boulder blockade

A tipsy Bainbridge woman lost an impromptu crash-up derby near the ferry maintenance yard. Two parked cars were also among the losing participants. The winner: a sturdy retaining wall. The woman failed in two additional BIPD-juried events: the one-footed stand and the finger-to-nose touch.

Also this week, a pretzel is implicated in a vehicle collision, a drunk driver returns to the crash scene with a second car, and an islander finds himself trapped at home…by boulders.

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Toxic logs get the ax at Bainbridge park


Spent a rainy morning talking toxic logs at Fay Bainbridge State Park. The day started out nice, but when the rains came, the choker setter asked me if I had “brought the liquid sun” with me. I told him very earnestly I hadn’t and then stopped myself before telling him the Sun is only available in print and online. Not in liquid form yet. Maybe I should steer clear of creosote for a while.

Read on for the full story about how some 50 tons of treated wood was removed from the park.

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Pollution fines fund beach restorations


Thanks to a heap of pollution fines paid by the Wyckoff company, the city is flush with funds to restore beaches in Eagle and Blakely harbors. For my story, see below.

The proposed projects would look something like the new beachfront portion of the sculpture park in Seattle. The city of Seattle and the Seattle Art Museum imported gravel, rocks, driftwood and native plants to transform the former industrial site into a small patch of salmon habitat. You can see the Seattle park below.


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