I’m Back

The Artful Blogger is back from the wonderful vacation he spent under the sinks in his bathroom.

I realize it’s an unusual place to holiday. After all, had I wanted to spend my time off in a dark, moist place, I could have just gone outside. But no, I wanted to install the new, copper sinks that my wife and I bought. The DIY project that I figured would just take a couple of days, … well, it took a lot longer than a couple of days. Don’t they all?

We did, however, get out of the house. We went over to Langley, and stayed at a B&B that allows dogs. We romped in the sun at Double Bluff Beach, and watched across the Sound as a large black cloud dripped over North Kitsap.

Opening for Business

The Rockwater Art Center is having an open house on Saturday, April 17, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 1639 Rude Road, in Poulsbo.

Local artist Carrie Goller has teamed up with Derek Gundy to create the Rockwater Center. They’re going to use the beautiful property just off Finn Hill Road on Rude Road, which is surrounded by the rock and water gardens sculpted by Goller’s husband Jeff, to hold classes and show art. The center won’t be open to the public, other than during the open house. If you can’t make it to the opening, I would suggest getting in touch with Gundy at The Artists’ Edge, or through the center’s Web site, rockwaterartcenter.com.

The first workshop at the center with be this coming Saturday and Sunday, April 10th and 11th. It’s a mixed media workshop with Eileen Sorg. Next up will be a plein air watercolor workshop with Ron Stocke, and an acrylics course taught by Ursula Stocke. There’s plenty of space at the center to stretch out and learn something. And with Carrie Goller’s work hanging on the walls, there will be plenty of inspiration. I will try and keep up with the classes they’re going to be offering at the center, but I would greatly encourage anyone interested to bookmark their Web site.

Calling All Caricaturists

The South Kitsap Relay for Life is looking for someone to volunteer their talents drawing caricatures at the annual American Cancer Society event, which will be held June 11 and 12 at South Kitsap High School. There will be lots of events going on while the relay is taking place. Sheila Cline tells me that they’ve even procured the dunk tank from Fathoms of Fun. If you’re interested in helping out a good cause by drawing caricatures, you can get in touch with Sheila at 876-0737, or email her at sheilacline7@gmail.com