From the Studio




As promised here are some of the images from Dianne Gardner’s monthly gathering at her south Kitsap studio. Artists who attended this month were, Donna Trent, Terry Sceli, Karen Wisley, Sheila Anderson, Sid Cloud and Loretta Anderson. The models were Tina Hagedorn and Diane Asplund. Gardner says painting from life is the best way to learn, but during the summer her group gets out of the studio for some plein air painting as well. Learning is good, but getting outside sounds so wonderful right now. The spirit of turpentine has permeated the walls of my studio/guestroom. I could really use some plein air.

One thought on “From the Studio

  1. Beautifully done…the photos are so perfectly positioned too! Do you use a “Perfectly Positioned Blog Photo Primer for Dummies’ book?
    How did you learn to do it?
    Thanks…Sharon O’Hara

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