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Don’t Read This — It’s a Waste of Time

Hey, don’t say the headline didn’t warn you …

Wasting time — to some it’s a national past-time, for others, it’s a personal goal while a few (very few) see it as anathema to a productive life. (What’s wrong with you people?)

Even coming to this blog is a waste of time in it’s own fashion — but some of you still don’t seem to get it, even though I told you so in the very first posting.

But I digress (and waste time to boot … nothing like double tasking for no real purpose).

Time wasters can limit their habit to their personal time at home, save it for work or mix the two. (Me? I’m working on perfecting it during my “free” time — the entire concept of time being free is a whole other topic for a later date.) Depending on who you ask, time wasters can be a big productivity drain on the workforce or they can have just the opposite affect: boosting workplace productivity.

Disclosure note: The study (linked above) citing an annual waste of nearly $200 billion annually must be viewed with some skepticism, being that it was issued by a software firm that sells Web site blocking applications. Kinda like a former Halliburton exec sitting in the White House and declaring we need to send massive rebuilding aid to foreign territory, a Halliburton specialty … ah, but there I go again wasting your time on an irrelevant tangent.

Within the realm of time wasters, there are those who are truly professionals at the craft. Few of us can ever aspire to reach such heights. I would attribute such high honors to the likes of Tony Hawk, Dave Wolak and Antonio Bryant. Sure, an argument postulating the benefits of skateboarding, fishing and video gaming can be made, but c’mon now — we’re talking about skateboarding, fishing and playing video games, for Pete’s sake.

Most of us will never make a living at wasting time, but that doesn’t stop us from implementing tried and true methods while also incorporating new alternatives. The Internet provides a wealth of time wasting activities — both useful and useless. There are an untold number of sites that provide nearly any diversion imaginable, like Falling Sand, not prOn and Samorost, while others that specialize in highlighting such popular sites, such as StumbleUpon, Fark and MakeUseOf.

One need not go high-tech to find ways to uselessly burn time. Low-tech activities like pulling weeds, flying a kite and even thumb wrestling can be great ways to whittle away the hours.

The definition of “wasting time” is subject to personal opinion. what I might consider a big (but fun) waste of time you might see as culturally significant or personally uplifting. Few are likely to agree as the determination of useful or wasted time is defined largely by personal experience and taste. For example, I find watching football culturally significant, and to be far more a true representation of “Reality TV” than what the networks pawn off as reality, while my wife finds it a complete waste of time, but she enjoys contrived reality such as “American Idol.”

Regardless of how you define wasted time, experts by and large agree that some down time is good for the soul and important for rejuvenating our creative juices.

What are your favorite ways to waste time? What do you consider a negative waste of time (other than reading this blog …)? Share your thoughts and maybe we can all discover some new ways to while away the hours. If you’ve read this far, then you’ve wasted a nice chunk of time and if you actually took the time to look at the several links provided then you do indeed have a lot of expendable time to waste. Good for you.