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Diving Into the Deep End of the Internet

Grabbed my nose, jumped off the ledge and pulled my knees tightly to my chest … If you listened carefully, you could have heard my scream as I descended rapidly into unknown and dangerous (at least for me) waters.

I added this column to the ever-growing world of Twitter and you can now follow my sporadic postings by following GigHarborAWTY on the social network. But, of course, I gotta remember to tweet whenever I post. (Feel like I’m talking to a 2-year-old using this language — yet feel like a 2-year-old when it comes to understanding its usefulness.) Spent way too much time trying to figure out how it works and came away will little real-time answers.

Stuff about @replies, twits, retweets, twitter badges — it’s enough to make me turn the computer off with a sledgehammer. I’m not sure how to get anyone to “follow” me via Twitter, so figured I’d just use the old-fashioned Internet and post this whole bit of nonsense on the blog. Seems as though leaving a trail of breadcrumbs might work better.

If you can figure out how to connect to this via Twitter — good for you. Should you even want to — then you get bonus points.

I fully admit to being permanently left behind, probably somewhere in the mid 1970s, though I didn’t know it way back then. We all try at varying degrees of involvement to stay abreast with technology and the general pace of life, but the combination of advancement of age and the advancement of new technology eventually catches up to us all (like the inevitability of mortality itself) and one day we wake up and realize we have joined the ever-growing rank of dinosaurs — technologically challenged relics doomed to be left in the ionized dust of the savvy and the young.

Yes, horrid as it sounds to you technophiles, I have no myspace or Facebook account, have never posted to YouTube, use my cell phone only to make and receive phone calls and have never texted anyone (wouldn’t even know how). We do not own a satellite or cable DVD-R receiver, still watch movies on VHS, only last year ditched the dial-up for high speed Internet and — gasp! — have a PlayStation2 (not a PS3, PSP, Xbox or Wii in sight).

I can just barely manage to Google while Bing just leaves me dazed and confused. I steer clear of sites like eBay and Craigslist like they carried Hanta virus.

And I admit my confusion over the popularity of social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter. I know this is dinosuarspeak, but didn’t we used to use the phone or — another gasp! — letters when we felt the need to tell someone we are eating a PBJ sandwich or to share a joke we heard at work?

It seems a strange dichotomy to me that people seem so driven to protect their privacy and then turn around and share the most intimate and trivial information about themselves for the whole world to discover. In the interests of serving both the technophiles and technophobes who are reading this — technophiles read on; technophobes skip the next paragraph.

I just finished eating my pretzels for lunch, washed down by a Dixie cup of water I nabbed from the office water cooler because I’m too cheap to spend a buck to buy a bottle of water from the vending machine.

The above information took 208 characters to announce, exactly 68 more than is allowed in a Tweet, so I wouldn’t have been able to share such a rich amount of info with you had I tweeted or twitted or flitted or fluttered.

But whether you are a phile or a phobe, please take a moment to follow me on Twitter. It seems so lonely with no one following me and I don’t have the slightest clue on how to set it up to follow myself …