Shameless, Blatant Plug (for a Worthy Cause)

OK, I’m not above promoting the arts.

If you find yourself in Gig Harbor tonight and are hungry for some good pizza — why not sate your appetite while supporting Peninsula Youth Orchestra at the same time?

Any order placed between 3 and 7 p.m. tonight will have 25 percent donated to PYO. For the uninitiated, PYO fills the gaping hole not being filled by the Peninsula School District music program. The district offers band in middle schools and high schools, but only features woodwinds, brass and percussion. No strings attached (no pun intended). So PYO comes to the rescue, teaching students from kindergarten to high school the string family and the organization is growing every year.

So if you’re hungry and like pizza (who doesn’t?) — and like to supports the arts and the youth of Gig harbor (again, who can say no to that?), then stop by Blue Cannon Pizza (in the northwest corner of the Costco parking lot in Gig Harbor North) and take care of both needs with one stop.

Your stomach and ears will thank you.

One thought on “Shameless, Blatant Plug (for a Worthy Cause)

  1. A good plug for a good reason, supporting the Peninsula Youth Orchestra.
    Thanks for the notice.
    Sharon O’Hara

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