Bordering on the Edge of Sadness

OK, took a little hiatus there. But as this darned post seems to be permanently a fixture of the Gig Harbor Life website, figured I better step up and place a new post every now and again. But I’m gonna take a slightly different tactical approach, given that the amount of  available time to muse randomly — and wax ever-so-poetically — is ever shrinking.

Instead of planned out diatribes and essay-length posts — I’m now going to opt for the guerrilla-style journalism of quick posts — in out and real quick — leave no casualties behind. It will be up to the online readership to keep any one topic flaming (or quenched) by your comments or lack thereof.

Case in point: The Borders bookstore in the Uptown shopping district off of Point Fosdick Drive announced today that it will be closing the doors for good come April. Seems the surge in online book orders, portable readers and mega discounters (Costco, WalMart, Target) have combined to spell the demise of what was at one time one of the industry leaders in book sales nationwide.

What does this mean to the Gig Harbor reader? Will the locally owned Mostly Books benefit? Will library use spike upward? Will track a higher percentage of sales to GH? Or will we follow the trend of the rest of the nation in simply buying less books and reading less overall?

I know I’ll miss wandering into Borders and getting lost amid the smell of fresh coffee and soft lighting for hours on end. Of all the upscale, pricey stores that seem to define Uptown, Borders was the one locale I didn’t feel out of place.

I would have thought that nothing could replace a good bookstore — but then I also thought the same about Tower Records in Seattle.