WSDOT’s ‘Nightmare on Alaskan Way Viaduct’ Destined to be Instant Video Classic


Hollywood needs to look over its collective special effects shoulders, some engineers in Seattle (tied to the Viaduct tunnel project) are looking to make the next natural disaster movie right in our backyard neighborhood of Seattle.

Words don’t do it justice, you gotta watch the YouTube video for yourself.

Alaskan Way Viaduct on YouTube

If this doesn’t play, check it out at the WSDOT Web site to find a streaming version — along with a quick explanation as to why they released this a week before the election.

Just be sure you pop the popcorn and grab the Milk Duds before watching. Who knows, maybe the producers of “2012” will buy the rights and cut this into the upcoming blockbuster.

To read about the politics behind the delayed release and how it was first issued to KING-TV before being put out for public viewing, see the Seattle Times article that first broke the story.

Now if someone would just film the epic about Gig Harbor being ravaged by SUV-driving soccer moms all hopped up on triple lattes and radiated by their continuous use of cell phones … If anyone in Hollywood is interested, I can have the script for you in 48 hours.

2 thoughts on “WSDOT’s ‘Nightmare on Alaskan Way Viaduct’ Destined to be Instant Video Classic

  1. sadly this will probably be how the viaduct comes down, thanks to a do nothing Seattle city council and new goofball, grizzly adams lookalike mayor.

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