In Search of Spirits — the Ethereal Kind, Part 1

Halloween may still be three-and-a-half months away, but I’ll be joining up with a ragtag group of ghost hunters and scaring up some spooky business come Saturday night.

A confirmed skeptic when it comes to the paranormal — I like my monsters and spirits in their Hollywood form and in a good Poe or King story, but that’s about as real as they get for me — it should prove to be an entertaining night watching others raise the goosebump level.

I hesitate to name the site we’ll be headed as I don’t want to alert the “locals” or other uninvited guests to crash the party — let’s just say for now that it’s a regional venue of some historical significance and allegedly has some out-of-print haunted tales to tell, but the caretakers of the estate don’t want to share those stories until after the investigation, just to see if the observations and stories mesh.

The information I currently have is so secondhand, I’m not even sure of who is behind the investigation or how many people are involved, other than the acknowledgment that they aren’t “professional” ghost hunters per se, but more akin to ghost enthusiasts with a medium invited along to spice things up.

Along with my Cracker Jacks (it’s gonna be a long night) I’ll be packing a digital SLR and a digital camcorder. The still camera will be used mostly to record the grounds inside and out while there is daylight. And so as not to wear out my welcome, I’ll pack that away and never invoke the flash, and switch to video once the darkness is complete.

I suspect I’ll capture nothing more sinister or wispy than the fog that is likely to roll in once the night air cools — but hey, I like to have an open mind to new experiences. Even though I shelved my belief in ghosts long ago along with the other books I read on UFOs, Sasquatches, and Loch Ness fishies that I shelved in my adolescent years, it doesn’t mean I can’t entertain the thought of seeing something “that can’t be explained” in rational terms. In fact, I would whole-heartedly welcome a face-to-face with an other-worldly spirit.

I’d have a few questions to ask, like: Is mass transit a problem in the fourth dimension as much as it is here? — Do fleas and mosquitoes exist in the after-life? — and perhaps most importantly — If you can float through walls, then why do clothes hang on to your body?

Searing inquiries indeed.

Do you have any questions you’d like me to ask on the off-chance I get to interview someone’s long-lost uncle? If so, post them to this blog. Who knows? You may be able to finally understand why spirits can so easily communicate through a Ouija board, yet they can’t just pick up a phone and call?

A blog will follow next week recounting our attempts to rouse some spirits.

3 thoughts on “In Search of Spirits — the Ethereal Kind, Part 1

  1. 1) Mass transit is not a problem because you don’t need it. You think of the place you want to be and you’re there. It’s not teleportation, but it acts kind of like it.

    2) Fleas and mosquitoes may exist (It’s kind of a philosophical issue. Do fleas have souls?), but if so they won’t bother you because you will have no flesh to bite. It’s a live and let live world over there.

    3) Those aren’t real clothes. They are imaginary and made of whole cloth. It’s just to keep you from being embarrassed.

    Any more questions?

  2. Oh, yeah. And ‘pick up a phone and call’? What are you smoking? Telephones are physical objects that aren’t over there. Ouija boards work through live people, who have a connection. However, there is no good reason why they couldn’t use email because the amount of energy to flip a bit is small. I suspect they lack some sort of interface to actually make it work. So if you can find someone over there with an experimental mindset, perhaps a collaboration is in order. You gotta think outside the box here, guy.

  3. I wish you luck! I have had a few unexpected encounters, and to my suprise I didn’t soil myself OR scream. Both experiences were sort of peaceful. I have always been interested in the other world/realm and have always been open minded to hopefully have more experiences again! I can’t wait to hear from you!

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